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About this database

This database contains deaths and disappearances believed to have resulted from political circumstances pertaining to the Cuban Revolution (1952-present).This is a work-in-progress; new cases and additional information on cases already documented are continuously being added.

Cuba Archive stands by its best efforts to collect, interpret, and report findings with the highest standards. Nonetheless, it cannot guarantee that any or all details of case records are accurate or that unintentional data entry and classification errors are not present. For details, please go to this website’s sections The Project and Terms of Use.

In appreciation. We are deeply thankful to all persons and institutions making this work possible. Armando Lago, Ph.D. (1939-2008) gathered case information initially populating this database and continues to inspire this work. Additional documentation efforts are credited throughout the database (see Sources). Financial support from our funders, countless hours of work donated by individuals, as well as testimony, photos and material provided directly are all greatly appreciated.

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