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Number of Cuba’s intelligence relationships dedicated to the US

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Forced/compelled labor (trafficking in persons)by the Cuban state of temporary workers overseas – Information for the 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report

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The Cuban regime’s elimination of detractors and opponents: in Cuba (Part I)

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Deaths and disappearances documented by Cuba Archive: update of December 2018.

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How many political prisoners are there in Cuba?

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Fact Sheet on Cuba’s state-run labor trafficking business.

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Cuba’s commercial aviation crisis and its alarming record of air disasters.

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Documented Deaths and Disappearances by Cuba Archive: Update of December 2017.

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Report to the U.N. on Cuba’s violations of the right to life.

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Cuba’s Human Trafficking Business: A Huge State-Run Enterprise

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Cuba 1959 to Present: At least 147 enforced disappearances

See a detailed report here.

Cuba in Angola: an old and lucrative business of the Castros

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Cuba: U.S. Citizens killed or disappeared

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Links to Cuba Archive’s work on trafficking in persons and human exploitation

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“Cuba’s Raúl Castro: Reformer or Unreformable?: The Evidence to Date.” (September 30, 2016)

See a detailed report, including selected profiles of his latest victims, here. 

Death of dissident leader Oswaldo Payá

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The Tugboat Massacre of July 13, 1994

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The Canimar River Massacre of July 6, 1980

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The Human Toll of Raul Castro’s Rule: 7/31/2006-12/15/2015

2015 Human Toll of Raul Castro’s Rule

Guantánamo: Cuba’s Berlin Wall

“Barbed wire, high fences, mine fields, watch towers with armed sharpshooters firing at unarmed civilians… the tropical version of the Berlin Wall prevents escapees from Communist Cuba from reaching U.S. territory at the naval base in Guantánamo…”

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Forcible blood extraction from political prisoners

“The Cuban revolutionary regime one-upped the feared former East German political police, Stasi, which in the mid-1980s sold blood that had been “donated” under duress by political prisoners to the Bavarian Red Cross. Not only has Cuba engages in this same practice, but in the 1960’s it massively drained the blood of political prisoners on their way to execution.”

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Cuba’s Blood Exports

On July 26, 2013, the Montevideo-based El País reported sales for the year 2012 of $ 0.9 million by Cuba to Uruguay of “human or animal blood for therapeutic uses.” The Castro regime has sold blood under false pretense from the earliest days of the revolution. In the 1960’s blood was massively drained from political prisoners on their way to execution.

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Statistics on Cuba’s Blood Exports 1995-2015

Click here to see sales by year and by country for Cuba’s blood exports for the period 1995-2015. This information furthers our report Cuba’s Blood Exports: A Scandalous Business.

Is Cuba Harvesting Body Parts?

Mutilated or missing remains and disappearing newborns: Are organs and body parts being harvested in Cuba?

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Che Guevara’s Forgotten Victims

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Cuba: Strange accidents and unexplained deaths

“Cuba Archive has received reports of a considerable number of deaths or uncanny “accidents” of detractors of the Cuban regime —in Cuba and in several countries— surrounded by mysterious circumstances. (…) There are also a number of credible first-hand reports of seeming attempts against the lives of human rights’ defenders in Cuba, many perpetrated with vehicles. (…) A decisive pattern emerges from the known cases, some summarized herein, that defies odds and points strongly to state-sponsored killings or attempted killings.”

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Also see our Alert on the suspicious deaths of dissidents Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepera:

Cuba: Investigate death of dissident leader Oswaldo Payá, 7/31/2012

“That the international community has not held Cuba’s government accountable for even its more evident and egregious human rights’ violations has only emboldened it further. As long as it enjoys sustained impunity and is legitimized by the civilized world, it will continue to employ terror and violence to silence its detractors.” See call to action.”

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Also see our Report: “Cuba: Strange accidents and unexplained deaths.”

Civilians killed for attempting to flee Cuba

Article 216 of Cuba’s Penal Code forbids Cuba’s citizens from leaving the island without prior government authorization and penalizes attempts to do so with years of prison. Cuban authorities have killed many unarmed civilians, including children, for attempting to escape. It is feared that many who are presumed lost at sea may actually have been killed by the Cuban Border Guard.

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Martha Carrosco, Age 45 / Jorge Levrigido Flores, Age 28 / Vicente Fleitas, Age 56

Foreigners killed by Cuba

Documented Cases of 68 foreign nationals killed or disappeared by the Castro regime.
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Fermin Vargas Bastos

Victims under age 18

Eliecer Suarez, Age 12 / Xicdy Rodriguez, Age 2

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Deaths by hunger strike

13 Cuban political prisoners have died in hunger strike, demanding humane treatment.

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Ironically, Fidel Castro had said in 1981 regarding the I.R.A. hunger strikers: “Tyrants shake in the presence of men who are able to die for their ideals, after sixty days of hunger strike! Next to this example, what were the three days of Christ on Calvary, as a symbol down the centuries of human sacrifice?” Twenty years later he had a monument built to honor the ten IRA hunger strikers who died. It was unveiled by Gerry Adams -leader of Sinn Fein- in Havana in December 2001.

Death by hunger strike of Wilman Villar

Read Detailed Case Report Here, 1/27/2012. 

Spanish version is available in the Spanish page of this website (“Informes”).

First: Wilman Villar with Cuban flag. Second: His wife & daughters, 12/22/2011. Third: Villar, top left with hat, at a 9/2011 demonstration. The sign reads: “We will not support the government that impoverishes us all. Praise Christ.” Four: Villar and fellow demonstrators are violently arrested 11/14/2011.

Female victims of the Cuban regime

Women and Girls killed or disappeared: Selected cases

Sister Mayulis Méndez Tacoronte, Age 17 Caridad Leyva Tacoronte, Age 5

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This report is only available in the Spanish page of this website.

Adult males killed by the Cuban regime

See report of selected cases

Leonel Dominguez & Juan Pérez Cabrera

Deaths or disappearances in detention

Selected documented cases

Jaime Parera Perán, Age 27

See report

2014 Documented Deaths and Disappearances

45 Documented Deaths Attributed to the Cuban State in 2014
Extrajudicial Killings: 6
Hunger Strike: 2
Denial of medical care: 10
Suicide / Alleged Suicide: 3
Accident in prison: 1
Exit attempts: 22
Total: 45
*Exit attempts – of undetermined attribution: 4

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