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Sep 2017

Cuba in Angola: an old and lucrative business of the Castros – Part 2

Sep 2017

Cuba in Angola: an old and lucrative business of the Castros – Part 1

June 2017

Venezuelan violinist brings his peaceful protest to New York

May 2017

Cuba: totalitarianism is alive and well.

April 2017

Report to UN Special Rapporter on trafficking in persons.

March 2017

Cuba: At least 147 reported enforced disappearances by the Castro regime.

February 2017

“Fusilados 1959,” obra pictórica de Juan Abreu, se exhibe en el Parlamento Europeo en Bruselas.

January 2017

A sad tally: 2016 documented deaths.

January 2017

Cuba: Four mass casualty events occurring in the month of January.

December 2016

Cultural repression in Cuba is persistent and even deadly.

December 2016

Cuban opposition groups request conditions for ratification of EU-Cuba cooperation agreement.

November 2016

Consistent killing by the Castro regime for almost six decades.

October 2016

Cuba and other dictatorships are members of the United Nations Human Rights Council!!!

September 2016

Cuba’s Raúl Castro: Reformer or unreformable?: The Evidence to date.

August 2016

Transitional justice and the goal of Cuban national reconciliation.

July 2016

The Cuban Regime’s Ongoing Violations of the Right to Life

June 2016

Adding to a dreadful tally: Three more American victims of the Castro Regime.

May 2016

Cuba’s Export Blood Business: An Unprecedented Case of State-Trafficking

April 2016

Cuba’s state-run human trafficking business
Part II:  Export sales of blood products & body parts, state-sponsored/forced migration, forced labor of prisoners and minors, and sex trafficking.

March 2016

Cuba’s state-run human trafficking business

Part I: Forced labor: the export services of temporary workers

Notice of Congressional Hearing on Human Trafficking, March 22, 2016

A Victims-Centered Trafficking in Persons Report

February 2016

A message the U.S. President should take to Cuba: No to impunity

January 2016 Alert

ALERT!  Vladimir Morera Bacallao, Cuban political prisoner in hunger strike.
Prisoners dying in hunger strike

January 2016

57 years of the House of Castro

December 2015

The human cost of migration

November 2015

No to impunity: Transitional justice is vital to reconciliation