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The Human Toll of Raul Castro´s Rule: 7/31/2006-12/15/2013

As 2013 comes to an end, Raúl Castro remains Cuba's supreme leader after six and a half years —considerably longer than the average president's term in most countries. Following is a relation of deaths and disappearances attributed to the Cuban state under Raúl Castro from 7/31/2006 to 12/15/2013. 42 additional cases (for a total of 208 documented cases) are reported for which the Cuban state is considered directly or indirectly responsible. Many more cases are feared, particularly in prison and in exit attempts by sea, of which reports are very hard to come by.

Documented Cases: 166*
Forced Disappearances: 2
Extrajudicial / Deliberate Killings: 15
Suspected Extrajudicial / Deliberate Killings: 10
By Hunger Strike in Prison: 4
Denial of Medical Care / Medical Condition in Prison: 86
Suicide or Alleged Suicide in Prison or Provoked: 46
Accidents / Negligence in Prison: 3 
See here profiles of selected cases and a list in the full Report
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