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Muertes y desapariciones documentadas por Archivo Cuba: actualización de diciembre de 2018.

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La exportación de trabajadores: Trata de mano de obra por el Estado cubano

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¿Cuántos presos políticos hay en Cuba?

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La crisis de la aviación comercial cubana y su preocupante historial de desastres aéreos.

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Muertes y Desapariciones Documentadas por Archivo Cuba: Actualización de diciembre 2017.

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Informe a ONU sobre violaciones de Cuba al derecho a la vida.

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Cuba 1959 al presente: Al menos 147 desapariciones forzadas

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Cuba en Angola: un viejo y lucrativo negocio de los Castros

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Cuba: Dos años esperando verdad y justicia para Oswaldo Payá y Harold Cepero

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Es preciso investigar la muerte de Oswaldo Payá y Harold Cepero

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La Masacre del Remolcador del 13 de Julio de 1994

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La Masacre del Río Canímar, 6 de Julio 1980

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Raúl Castro, ¿Reformador o Irreformable?: Lo que Muestran las Pruebas.

El record histórico demuestra que Raúl Castro ha sido consistente en su empeño por mantenerse en el poder a toda costa y usando todo método disponible.

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Guantánamo: Cuba’s Berlin Wall

“Barbed wire, high fences, mine fields, watch towers with armed sharpshooters firing at unarmed civilians… the tropical version of the Berlin Wall prevents escapees from Communist Cuba from reaching U.S. territory at the naval base in Guantánamo…”

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“The Cuban revolutionary regime one-upped the feared former East German political police, Stasi, which in the mid-1980s sold blood that had been “donated” under duress by political prisoners to the Bavarian Red Cross. Not only has Cuba engages in this same practice, but in the 1960’s it massively drained the blood of political prisoners on their way to execution.”

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Cuba’s Blood Exports

On July 26, 2013, the Montevideo-based El País reported sales for the year 2012 of $ 0.9 million by Cuba to Uruguay of “human or animal blood for therapeutic uses.” The Castro regime has sold blood under false pretense from the earliest days of the revolution. In the 1960’s blood was massively drained from political prisoners on their way to execution.

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Statistics on Cuba’s Blood Exports 1996-2016

Click here to see sales by year and by country for Cuba’s blood exports for the period 1996-2016. This information furthers our report Cuba’s Blood Exports: A Scandalous Business.

Is Cuba Harvesting Body Parts?

Mutilated or missing remains and disappearing newborns: Are organs and body parts being harvested in Cuba?

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Las Víctimas olvidadas de Che Guevara

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37 Víctimas y 31 sobrevivientes

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La Masacre del Río Canimar, 6 de Julio 1980

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Cuba: Strange accidents and unexplained deaths

“Cuba Archive has received reports of a considerable number of deaths or uncanny “accidents” of detractors of the Cuban regime —in Cuba and in several countries— surrounded by mysterious circumstances. (…) There are also a number of credible first-hand reports of seeming attempts against the lives of human rights’ defenders in Cuba, many perpetrated with vehicles. (…) A decisive pattern emerges from the known cases, some summarized herein, that defies odds and points strongly to state-sponsored killings or attempted killings.”

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Also see our Alert on the suspicious deaths of dissidents Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepera:

Cuba: Investigate death of dissident leader Oswaldo Payá, 7/31/2012

“That the international community has not held Cuba’s government accountable for even its more evident and egregious human rights’ violations has only emboldened it further. As long as it enjoys sustained impunity and is legitimized by the civilized world, it will continue to employ terror and violence to silence its detractors.” See call to action.”

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Also see our Report: “Cuba: Strange accidents and unexplained deaths.”

Cuba: Suspicious death of dissident leader

“Oswaldo Payá, age 60, was killed Sunday, July 22,, 2012 in a car crash. Founder and leader of the Christian Liberation Movement (known for its Spanish abbreviation MCL), he was regarded as Cuba´s leading dissident leader. Also killed was Harold Cepero, a 32-year old activist from the movement.


From the very first reports, just hours after the crash, Paya’s wife and children in Havana indicated and have consistently maintained that they did not believe there had been an “accident” because the two foreigners had sent word they were being pursued and, subsequently, both has sent text messages that their car had been rammed by another vehicle and forced off the road, crashing.”

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Civilians killed for attempting to flee Cuba

Article 216 of Cuba’s Penal Code forbids Cuba’s citizens from leaving the island without prior government authorization and penalizes attempts to do so with years of prison. Cuban authorities have killed many unarmed civilians, including children, for attempting to escape. It is feared that many who are presumed lost at sea may actually have been killed by the Cuban Border Guard.

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Martha Carrosco, Age 45 / Jorge Levrigido Flores, Age 28 / Vicente Fleitas, Age 56

Foreigners killed by Cuba

Documented Cases of 68 foreign nationals killed or disappeared by the Castro regime.
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Fermin Vargas Bastos

Victims under age 18

Eliecer Suarez, Age 12 / Xicdy Rodriguez, Age 2

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Muertos en huelga de hambre

Se han documentado 13 muertes de presos políticos en huelga de hambre.

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Irónicamente, Fidel Castro había declarado en agosto del 1981 sobre los diez irlandeses muertos en huelga de hambre, militantes del Ejército Repúblicano Irlandes (ERI): ¡Tiemblen los tiranos ante hombres que son capaces de morir por sus ideas, tras 60 días de huelga de hambre! Al lado de este ejemplo ¿qué fueron los tres días de Cristo en el calvario, símbolo durante siglos del sacrificio humano? Diez años más tarde, les erigió un monumento que fue develado por Gerry Adams, líder de Sinn Fein, en la Habana en diciembre del 2001.

Muerte de Wilman Villar en huelga de hambre

Vea reporte Wilman Villar muerto en huelga de hambre.

Fotos: Esposa e hijas de Wilman Villar; Con bandera cubana, octubre 2011; Leyendo en el Centro Docente de la Unión Patriótica Cubana en Contramaestre, octubre 2011; En manifestación en Contramaestre, septiembre 2011; Su arresto violento en la manifestación del 14 noviembre 2011.

Informe detallado en español ESTARA DISPONIBLE MUY PRONTO. Mientras tanto por favor vea página en inglés, en sección Research Reports.

Fotos izquierda a derecha: Wilman Villar con bandera cubana; Leyendo en el Centro Docente de la Unión Patriótica Cubana en Contramaestre, Cuba: Su esposa e hijas; En manifestación en Contramaestre, septiembre 2011; Su arresto violento en la manifestación del 14 de noviembre 2012.

Female victims of the Cuban regime

Women and Girls killed or disappeared: Selected cases

Sister Mayulis Méndez Tacoronte, Age 17 Caridad Leyva Tacoronte, Age 5

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Adult males killed by the Cuban regime

See report of selected cases

Leonel Dominguez & Juan Pérez Cabrera

Deaths or disappearances in detention

Selected documented cases

Jaime Parera Perán, Age 27

See report

2014 Documented Deaths and Disappearances

45 Documented Deaths Attributed to the Cuban State in 2014
Extrajudicial Killings: 6
Hunger Strike: 2
Denial of medical care: 10
Suicide / Alleged Suicide: 3
Accident in prison: 1
Exit attempts: 22
Total: 45
*Exit attempts – of undetermined attribution: 4

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Muertes reportadas en el 2007

Al menos 16 muertes en el 2007 atribuidas al estado cubano.

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Deaths Reported in 2008

Documented Deaths Attributed to the Cuban State in 2008.
See Report Here

Resumen de muertes de presos políticos en trabajos forzados muertos en accidentes laborales.

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El costo en vidas del régimen de Raúl Castro: 31/7/2006 – 30/12/2014

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Robert Fuller, Age 25

Mario de la Peña, Age 24

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