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By Jay Nordlinger October 30, 2017
“In a previous Impromptus, I wrote of Che Guevara and his depredations. The Irish government had honored him with a postage stamp (of course). What he was, was a boot stamping on the human face. I mentioned, in that Impromptus, the work of Maria Werlau, whose website is Cuba Archive. She knows where the bodies are buried, literally.”

Trump Cuba rollback will starve Castro regime of US dollars

The Wall Street Journal  June 19, 2017

The Cuba Archive Truth and Memory Project has documented 934 executions, mostly in the Escambray. Another 607 political prisoners were executed in 1960 and 1970 and the vast majority of them are believed to have been captured in the Escambray.

Fidel, the patron saint for the Left, had few equals in terms of sheer brutality

World Tribune on May 2, 2017

“Citing researchers at the Cuba Archive, Fontova noted that “the Castro regime’s total death toll – from torture, prison beatings, firing squads, machine gunning of escapees, drownings, etc. – approaches 100,000. Cuba’s population in 1960 was 6.4 million. According to the human rights group Freedom House, 500,000 Cubans (young and old, male and female) have passed through Castro’s prison and forced-labor camps. This puts Fidel Castro’s political incarceration rate right up there with his hero Stalin’s.”

Human Rights Foundation Asks UN to Denounce Cuban Regime as Major Human Trafficker

PanAmPost  April 18, 2017

“The report — also presented by the organization Archivo Cuba — warned of the hundreds of ways in which the Cuban government bolsters human trafficking.”

UN Has Another Opportunity to Condemn Cuba’s Oppression with Disappearances Review

Breitbart News    March 10, 2017

“According to Cuba Archive’s record of human rights crimes under the Castro brothers, at least 23 confirmed disappearances occurred between 1959 and 2014. One hundred other unconfirmed records exist. These numbers are low because, for most of its time in power, the Communist Revolution opted for openly executing its enemies via firing squad. Cuba Archive counts over three thousand firing squad executions and another 1,116 extrajudicial killings.”


Portraits of Cubans executed by Castro regime on display in the European Parliament

The Miami Herald   February 8, 2017

“During the exhibit’s inauguration, Maria Werlau, the Cuban-American president of the nonprofit Cuba Archive and Free Society Project, outlined the violence and political repression that Cubans have suffered under the Castro regime.”

Cuba Reports Record Blood Donations

Havana Times    January 7, 2017

Cuban activist Maria Werlau, the president of Archivo Cuba, believes that the Cuban state has created a multimillion dollar business in selling the blood that they extract from citizens without any kind of monetary compensation.
In 1995, Cuba exported blood worth US $30.1 million, [claims Archivo Cuba], and therefore this trade made blood the fifth most exported product, only surpassed by sugar, nickel, seafood and tobacco. From 1995 until 2015, Cuba exported $622.5 million in human blood derivatives and medical products derived from plasma.

GOP congressman: I wouldn’t be surprised to see Obama ‘massaging Raul Castro’s feet’

Washington Examiner January 12, 2017

Some Cuba observers believe that the recent influx of Cubans was also engineered, at least in part, but the Castros. “The latest Cuban exodus — thousands stranded in Central America — pushes a twisted quid pro quo on the United States: halting the human flow in exchange for repealing the embargo,” Maria Werlau, executive director of the nonprofit Free Society Project/Cuba Archive, wrote in the Miami Herald.

Cuba’s Military Celebrates Anti-Trump ‘Fighting People’s March’

Breitbart News  January 3, 2017

“Fidel Castro was responsible for over 10,000 deaths through extrajudicial killing, firing squads, “disappearances,” and other acts of intentional homicide, according to the Cuba Archive database, which is dedicated to finding and documenting the victims of the Cuban Revolution.”

‘Despicable’: UN’s Top Human Rights Body Holds Minute’s Silence For Fidel Castro

CNS News   December 6, 2016
At an event in Geneva in October, Maria Werlau, the executive director of the Cuba Archive – a non-profit project that documents deaths and disappearances resulting from the Castro revolution – took aim at Cuba’s membership of the HRC.
“Cuba should not be part of the U. N. Human Rights Council, responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe, because it is a totalitarian state that violates – in its laws and practices – essentially all applicable articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” she said.

Fidel Castro Should Not be Honored in Light of His Death

The Ramapo News December 5, 2016

“Despite wanting to previously overthrow a dictator, it was not long before Castro became one. During his reign, he stripped away rights from his people, shutting down newspapers and taking away their civil liberties. One of the biggest themes throughout his rule, however, is the grotesquely high number of executions committed. According to the Cuba Archive, there were 5,600 people killed by firing squad alone. This is only a small portion of the tens of thousands of others murdered by Castro’s regime.”


An ill-fitting take on liberty

The Munster Express  December 6, 2016

“It remains unclear how many were executed in Cuba under Castro’s watch. A 2005 Wall Street Journal report, referencing the work of the Cuba Archive Project, estimates that “5,600 died in front of firing squads and another 1,200 in ‘extrajudicial assassinations’”.
Take the firing squad figure alone, that’s the equivalent of 400 Bloody Sundays, and over 72 times the tally regrettably sanctioned by our first Free State Government. Yet this is a man who did good, supporters of his who’ve never spoken to a Cuban, let alone visited the country, will tell you.”

For a ‘Peaceful’ Group, Black Lives Matter Sure Does Love Cop Killers and Murderous Dictators

National Review December 2, 2016

“He and his gang killed tens of thousands, surely. The exact number is hard to pin down. Maria Werlau and her colleagues, at their Cuba Archive, have done noble and conscientious work. Over the years of the Castro regime, 1 million Cubans have gone into exile. Some Cubans have been shot in the water, in their attempts to flee.”

Fidel Castro leaves this world with more blood on his hands

The Miami Herald – December 1, 2016

“All of the victims’ stories — including those executed without trial by impromptu firing squad, among them 71 supporters of former dictator Fulgencio Batista in one bloody day alone on Jan. 11, 1959 — are chronicled in the Cuba Archive’s Truth & Memory Project based in Washington, D.C. Human rights watch groups also have documented six decades of abuses.”

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Fidel Castro Reminds Us Why Utopianism Always Fails

The Christian Post – November 30, 2016

“The Cuba Archive has identified at least 15,000 Cubans who were shot, hanged, bombed or otherwise died in Castro’s notorious prisons.”

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Castro’s death, and Cuba’s future

Providence Journal – November 29, 2016

“The Cuba Archive website estimates that Mr. Castro contributed to thousands of deaths during his reign of terror.”

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Cuba is a Gulag and the Left likes it

Israel National News – November 29, 2016

“According to the Cuba Archive Project, until 2005 on the island there were 9,240 “political deaths”. Armando Lago, a Harvard trained economist and vice president of the Cuba Archive Project, estimates that 78,000 people have died trying to flee from the Caribbean island (20 percent of the original Cuban population lives abroad). 5,600 Cubans were executed, 1,200 were eliminated in “extrajudicial executions” (five times higher than Augusto Pinochet’s record).”

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Many Cubans would argue with leaders’ praise for Fidel Castro

The Oklahoman – November 29, 2016

“Work by the New Jersey-based Cuba Archive project offers some insight. Among other things, the project tries to document the loss of life since May 1952, when the constitutional government fell to revolutionary Gen. Fulgencio Batista. Castro’s forces ousted Batista in another revolution in 1959. Estimates of the number killed under Castro reaches into the tens of thousands.“

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The Demise of a Despot

The Washington Times – November 28, 2016

“You can read about all three of them, along with many others, in the Cuba Archive (cubaarchive.org). At the very least, check out a 2005 column by Mary O’Grady in The Wall Street Journal, “Counting Castro’s Victims,” which profiled the archive’s work. You won’t have to read far to experience some “powerful emotions” of your own.”

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Justin Trudeau’s man crush on Fidel

The Globe and Mail – November 28, 2016

“Mr. Castro’s people loved him so much that nearly 20 per cent of the population tried to escape, taking off across the ocean in leaky homemade boats. Tens of thousands of them never made it. (The most complete account of the regime’s victims can be found at the Cuba Archive’s Truth and Memory Project.)”
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Why all that Dancing in the Streets of Miami?

Town Hall – November 28, 2016

“Though there’s no hard number, political executions by firing squad totaled just over 3,100, according to the non-profit think tank Cuba Archive.

According to the scholars and researchers at the Cuba Archive, the Castro regime’s total death toll–from torture, prison beatings, firing squads, machine gunning of escapees, drownings, etc.–approaches 100,000.”

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Make No Mistake: Fidel Castro Was a Horrible Person

Independent Institute – November 27, 2016

“The Cuba Archive has credible information on at least 11 cases of forced blood extraction prior to execution.”

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Counting victims of the Castro regime: Nearly 11,000 to date

AEIdeas.com (American Enterprise Institute)- November 27, 2016

“The Cuba Archive project (www.cubaarchive.org) has already begun the heavy lifting by attempting to document the loss of life attributable to revolutionary zealotry.”

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More Truths Await Telling of Castro’s Crimes

The New York Sun – November 27, 2016

“Finally, Fidel Castro has died. I had been waiting for this moment since I was a small child, for as long as I’ve had awareness to sense the pain and horror he represented for those around me. It would be, I always knew, one of the memorable moments of my life.”

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A hope that Castro’s death allows Cubans to finally confront their tragic past

The Washington Post – November 26, 2016

“Because Cubans have limited Internet access, they can’t access the Cuba Archive, an online record of the Cubans murdered by the Castro regime, or any of the books and articles written about the country overseas.”

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Far from a courageous leader, Fidel Castro was a coward

The Miami Herald – November 26, 2016

“According to the Cuba Archive (cubaarchive.org) research group, Castro was responsible for 3,117 documented cases of executions and 1,162 cases of extrajudicial killings. In any other country, he would have been declared a mass murderer long ago.”

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World leaders and the mainstream media have a predictable reaction to Fidel Castro’s death

The Blaze – November 26, 2016

“There is no doubt that Castro has the blood of innocent people on his hands. The Cuba Archive Project, which requires stringent documentation, has verified the deaths of 5,600 people before firing squads and an additional 1,200 extrajudicial assassinations.”

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Trump’s Brutally Honest Castro Statement Proves He’s No Obama

Daily Caller – November 26, 2016

“The Cuba Archive Project documented more than 9,200 people who were killed by the Castro regime, while the group’s president says as many as 78,000 were killed trying to flee Castro’s communism.”

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A hope that Castro’s death allows Cubans to finally confront their tragic past

Fidel Castro, when he died Nov. 25, left behind him a nation that does not, in any public space, mourn or even acknowledge the 5,600 Cubans who died in front of Castro’s firing squads, or the 1,200 murdered in “extrajudicial assassinations,” or any of those who were jailed, tortured or died escaping his regime. No Cuban has been allowed to publish, in Cuba, a true history of his populist revolution, one that repressed and murdered the existing elite in order to put an even more vicious and more incompetent elite in its place. Because Cubans have limited Internet access, they can’t access the Cuba Archive, an online record of the Cubans murdered by the Castro regime, or any of the books and articles written about the country overseas. There is no hall of memory for the victims, as there is at Ground Zero, and their names are not carved into any stones.

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Controversy erupts over sale of Che Guevara model at Pérez Museum

Source: Miami Herald

A paper model of Cuban revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, on sale at the gift shop at the Pérez Art Museum Miami over the weekend, prompted outrage and criticism of the facility from some Cuban Americans in South Florida.

The controversy erupted Saturday when Maria Werlau, head of a nonprofit that investigates and documents human-rights violations in Cuba, visited PAMM. And what she saw surprised her.

“I went with the idea of spending some free time there, but when I went into the museum’s gift shop I found a Che figure,” Werlau said.

PAMM’s error

Taxpayer-funded museum in Miami selling Che Guevara art projects

Maria Werlau (Cuba Archive)'s testimony on human trafficking before the US Congress

Cuba’s unhappy birthday

Source: The Boston Globe, 12/29/2013
NEW YEAR’S Day marks the 55th anniversary of Cuba’s communist revolution. It is the only full-blown dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere. As Human Rights Watch noted in April, no other country in Latin America is ruled by a regime that “represses virtually all forms of political dissent.” More than half a century after Fidel Castro seized power with the promise that “all rights and freedoms will be reinstituted” — and more than seven years since Raul Castro succeeded his brother as tyrant-in-chief — Cuba is consistently rated “Not Free” in Freedom House’s annual index of political and civil liberties worldwide.

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Huge Costs Confront Cubans Who Seek To Travel Under New ‘Migration Law’ Going Into Effect Today

Source: NY Sun Article
By MARIA WERLAU, Special to the Sun | January 14, 2013

Updates to Cuba’s “Migration Law” introduced to great fanfare last October, go into effect today. But, they are merely a bankrupt dictatorship’s latest scheme to fund its failed economy and confuse world public opinion with so-called “reforms. Soon after seizing power in January 1959, Fidel Castro decreed that Cuba’s citizens would need an exit permit from the revolutionary government. More than half a century later, Cubans are still not free to leave at will. (…)

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Cuban blogger, "citizen Yoani," at the UN

“She came in through the visitors’ entrance after passing the security check. …As we walked fast and through successive security points, I told her the Cuban government had blocked our plan and we would have to improvise. We agreed it did not matter, she was at the UN and she was going to speak regardless. Just minutes before, I had read on my phone that the tantrum had played out at the highest levels; Cuba’s Ambassador had filed an official protest asking the UN Secretary General to call off the “grave attack.”

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